About Hungry for Lore

I cannot get enough of podcasts and TV shows about unexplained mysteries, weird history, interesting legends and killers. I find it fascinating. But sometimes, I’m not sitting in front of my TV, or I forgot my headphones, or I just don’t have two uninterrupted hours to get through a podcast. Sometimes it’s easier to read a quick article to get the interesting details I want and get out. But I couldn’t find many sites that fit the bill for me.

So I made one.

Obscure Histories & Mysteries

Unusual History and Unexplained Mysteries

Truth is usually stranger and scarier than fiction, and so much is left out of our history books. From crimes that are unsolved, mysteries that we can’t explain or historical events that aren’t talked about, we’ll cover them all.

Unbelievable Natural Disasters

Some of the deadliest events in history are brought upon us by the Earth, not other humans. Let’s examine these historical events that cause so much damage.

The Paranormal and Supernatural

Ghost stories and legends of mythical creatures are always fascinating. Is there any truth to these myths and tales?

What Can You Expect?

I will find an interesting topic, research it to the best of my ability and present you the information in a clear and interesting fashion. I promise not to leave out the gory details you crave. New posts are available bi-weekly, and I will try to keep our range of topics fresh and interesting.

Sound like a plan?

Good. Let’s dive in.